S150 Solar Fence Energiser


This 0.15 joule Speedrite integrated solar fence energiser uses the latest developments in solar energiser technology. Delivers optimum performance, even in low sunlight condtions .

Fully portable, its unique mounting bracket allows easy attachment to steel and timber posts, making it suitable for strip-grazing in remote areas.

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  • Simple on/off switch
  • Tough and durable monocrystalline 5 watt solar panel requires fewer sunlight hours to keep battery fully charged
  • Strong aluminium frame and tough weather and UV resistant case
  • ‘Potted’ electronics prevents water or insect ingress
  • Up to 21 days operation without sunlight
  • Includes rechargeable, internally-sealed 12 volt battery
  • Comprehensive instruction included


Also available in a 0.5 joule energiser version