10′ Super Yard


  • Prattley’s mobile sheep yards can be easily transported, assembled and operated, by one person.
  • The mobile sheep yard is versatile and can be taken anywhere on the farm for on-the-spot drenching, crutching, mouthing, tagging, docking and fly strike and any general animal treatment.
  • The mobile unit allows the operator to utilise the direction of sunlight and wind to ensure a natural stock flow through the yard.
  • This gives practical results such as faster animal flow, saved time and travel, reduced fuel and labour costs, lower risk of infection from dusty tracks, less stress on the animal etc, therefore maximising farm management.

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* S01100UK 10′ Super Yard Mobile Unit
* S20200 5′ * 36” Alloy Gate (1,5 * 0,9m) x  40
* S22400 Drop in Gate (0,5 * 0,9m ) x 2
* S22200 Diamond Gate (2,1 * 0,9m) x 1
* S23700 Lpost  x 6

Single Lane Handling Race, 3 Sections Long
* S25600 8′ x 33″ Plywood Panel (2,5 * 0,84m) x 4
S25600C 8′ x 33″ Plywood Panel c/w 2-way Coupl. (2,5 * 0,84m)x 2
S23000 Spreader Intermediate 33″ ‘U’ x 2
S27900 Post Back 33″ ‘U’ c/w gate x 1

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