Sheep breeding

Saaremaa Ecovillage started its sheep breeding activities on 1999 when first Estonian Blackhead breeding sheeps where bought. By the end of 2007 our main stock was 600 ewes. This spring we will take to grassland more than 1000 sheeps.

On 2001 we imported our first Suffolk ram and 10 ewes from Denmark. Now the Suffolk breeding ewes number has increased to 35.

On 2006 first in Estonia 62 Gotland breeding sheep ewes were imported.


High quality breeding animals crossing gives good results to our production stock improvement. Also we have been offering to sell our own and imported breeding sheeps.

Since 2002 we are fully certified organic producer.

From the very beginning we have been implementing latest technologies in our farm. We have been visiting several farms in different countries, using both local and overseas consultants and established co-operation with best technology partners. Now we are promoting our best practices also to other farmers in Baltics.